Concrete Frame Specialist construction

Family owned business dedicating over 60 years in the construction industry.

About Us


Silverline Construction Inc. History

Company that was created over 20 years and a family that has dedicated over 60 years in the construction industry. 


Silverline Construction Inc. Values

As a company founded on our guiding principles of hard work and integrity, Silverline values continuous growth as a means to improve our organization, attain breakthroughs, and make quantifiable achievements. 

Why Choose Us

Silverline Construction Inc. Why choose us

A tight integration of structural trades allows for a synergistic approach to the most critical components of a project. Silverline self-performs structural concrete, rebar, post-tension and masonry.

Mission & Vision

Our People

Silverline Construction Inc. Our People

Honor & respect


Support communities

Educate, challenge & acknowledge employee achievements


Silverline Construction Inc. Relationships

Be proactive

Solution based

Work collaboratively with intent

Communication & transparency

Be profitable


 Speak with data & manage with facts

Welcome change

Seek improvement

Prepare for the future



Silverline Construction Inc. Preconstruction

Our experienced team takes pride in their ability to identify and propose fixes to design flaws and prepare their teams to maximize efficiencies on the job. 

BIM Technology

Silverline Construction Inc. BIM technology

Our planners use 3D modeling which allows us to communicate efficiently in all aspects of design and construction.

Training Programs

Silverline Construction Inc. Training Programs

We understand the importance of personal growth and getting home to our families at the end of the day. This is why we offer a wide range of training within our organization.


We take safety personally

Silverline Construction Inc. Safety

From new hire orientation, drug testing programs, site safety surveys, we take safety personally and know you do too. Our Safety culture takes precedence over production cost. Safety is not just a way of acting, but a state of mind. 


Industry Associations

We proudly support and promote our employees to pursue a range of associations pushing forward to promote inclusive and collaborative work environments changing our evolving industry for the better: 


Women in Construction Owners & Executives

American Subcontractor Association

American Concrete Institute

Community Outreach

Connecting with communities, organizations and volunteering to transform our neighborhoods by seeing the bigger picture.


The Sharefest 

Habitat for Humanity

Los Angeles Children's Hospital

City of Gardena

 Teen Leadership Foundation 

Charitable Giving

Making a difference in human life requires support from organizations and individuals which is why we support many charitable organizations on a larger scale. 

Augies Quest

City of Hope

Firefighters First Respondents

Boy Scouts of America

Impact Drug & Alcohol Treatment Center

Ducks Unlimited

Semper Fi Fund